Ladies and Gentlemen,

Inspired by the upcoming celebration of the World Soil Day we would like to invite scientists from different countries to participate in the second edition of the International Electronic Conference on Soil Science – THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON SOIL DEGRADATION to share their experiences broadly related to soil science research. The event is organized by the Department of Soil Science and Microbiology, Poznań University of Life Sciences. Keynote presentations will be given by invited leading experts in the field of climate change effect on soil degradation, with special focus on soil salinization, soil organic carbon loss and prolonged agricultural droughts on soil water retention. Soil salinity, soil carbon storage and soil water availability are crucial issues in the recent time, that hinders global food security and environmental sustainability. Recent climate change projections including increased air temperatures and decreased annual precipitation might accelerate the development of soil salinity, carbon loss and water availability, potentially spreading the problem in the near future to currently unaffected regions, what makes it a crucial problem for future generation.

It is our hope that this meeting will be an excellent platform to integrate the soil science community and to initiate a multidimensional discussion based on personal experiences and observations, as well as to exchange of ideas and provide an occasion to further integrate the international community of soil scientists. See you there!