Materials from 1st edition of the Conference (4th December 2020)

Ben Harms – The influence of fires on soils in Australia 

Ines Wagner – “Green Earth”: Recovering Highly Desertified Dryland in Burkina Faso Using Sustainable Bio-Technology

Undrak-Od Baatar, Ermek Baibagyshov – Humus stock in soils of Central Asia

Iwona Hildebrandt-Radke, Przemysław Makarowicz, Waldemar Spychalski , Zhanna N.Matviishyna – Contemporary and fossil soils in archaeological research of barrows (West Ukraine)

Michał Woszczyk – Soils as greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters.

Cezary Kaźmierowski, Jakub Ceglarek – Possibilities of using VIS–NIR–SWIR reflectance spectroscopy for the quantitative assessment of soil characteristics 

Monika Jakubus – Soil health. The challenges in COVID – 19 world

Jean Bernard Diatta – Traditional and Cultural Management of Paddy Soils – Case of Diola Community in Senegal


Materials from 2nd edition of the Conference (3rd December 2021)

Bogdan Chojnicki Changes of soils under a new climate (pdf file)

Sergey GoryachkinClimate change and different ways of permafrost-affected soils transformation: practical consequences (pdf file)
Stephan GlatzelClimate change effects on the greenhouse gas exchange of peat soils (pdf file )
Jan Jadczyszyn, Andrzej Doroszewski – Soil water retention and agricultural drought in relation to climate change – a case study of Poland (pdf file)
Paweł Rutkowski, Monika Konatowska – The impact of climate change and forest management on forest soil (pdf file)
Bartłomiej GlinaDrivers controlling dissolved organic carbon production and losses from agricultural fen soils (pdf file)
Jean Bernard Diatta – Salinity versus sodicity matters in Africa – are traditional and scientific practices equally resilient? (pdf file)
Piotr Hulisz, Agnieszka Piernik – Natural and man-made hazards to the saline coastal habitats in Poland (pdf file)