900-905  Welcome speech by the chair of the organizing committee

905-915  Speech by the PULS Rector and President of the Soil Science Society of Poland

915-920 Rules and program of the conference



920-950 Bogdan ChojnickiChanges of soils under a new climate.

950-1020 Sergey GoryachkinClimate change and different ways of permafrost-affected soils transformation: practical consequences.

1020-1050 Stephan GlatzelClimate change effects on the greenhouse gas exchange of peat soils.

1050-1120 Jan Jadczyszyn, Andrzej Doroszewski – Soil water retention and agricultural drought in relation to climate change – a case study of Poland

1120-1150 Paweł Rutkowski, Monika Konatowska – The impact of climate change and forest management on forest soil.

11501220 Bartłomiej GlinaDrivers controlling dissolved organic carbon production and losses from agricultural fen soils.

12201250 Jean Bernard Diatta – Salinity versus sodicity matters in Africa – are traditional and scientific practices equally resilient?

12501320 Piotr Hulisz, Agnieszka Piernik – Natural and man-made hazards to the saline coastal habitats in Poland.



1320-1330 Final discussion and closing of the conference



Bogdan Chojnicki – Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Poznań University of Life Sciences (Poland)

Jean Bernard Diatta – Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Environmental Biogeochemistry, Poznań University of Life Sciences (Poland)

Stephan Glatzel – Department of Geography and Regional Research, Geoecology, University of Vienna (Austria)

Paweł Rutkowski, Monika Konatowska Department of Botany and Forest Habitats, Poznań University of Life Sciences (Poland)

Bartłomiej GlinaDepartment of Soil Science and Microbiology, Poznań University of Life Sciences (Poland)

Sergey GoryachkinDepartment of Soil Geography and Evolution, Russian Academy of Science (Russia Federation)

Piotr Hulisz – Department of Soil Science and Lanscape Management, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (Poland)

Jan JadczyszynDepartment of Soil Science and Land Protection, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, State Research Institute in Puławy (Poland)

……… ……….. ……….

Moderator of the event dr inż. Bartłomiej Glina